Day Three: A State-Wide Shut Down Journal

I’m a big player of the Fallout franchise, but I’ve been off the game lately. Especially since the real outside world is so unrecognizable. I said in other journals that I love post apocalyptic stuff. Reading it. Writing it. Watching it. Playing it. I can’t deny that I was curious to see how the real stuff would play out. What would happen if the world was sucked into another plague? If life as we knew it came to a stop? Would it continue as usual afterward, or would it forever be changed? I naively thought that I wouldn’t be affected by a changed world, even if only temporarily.

I’m feeling the affect. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I look for funny things wherever I can find them, and I found this gem.

COVID-19 is changing our world, and I don’t think it’s just temporarily. We will still feel the financial impact years to come. Despite what our Government is trying to do to keep our economy afloat, some small businesses may not survive this. Even our game playing will be forever marked by this virus. 2020 will be in our history books, no matter the outcome.

As of day three, there were 14 thousand cases of COVID-19 in the US. There were 185 in my home state, Pa. There was one death state wide, but 217 deaths nation wide. Over 100 people recovered. We can expect to see all of those numbers rise.

China experienced it’s first day of no new cases.

When this first started in Pa, the statistics were as follows:

Only days later, here is the update:

Our state officials put out a new article on day three.

I texted my mom to see how she was feeling (all good so far) and asked what was different about this than the last statement the officials put out. It’s pretty much states the same thing with one big difference: there will be legal consequences for businsses who are not life sustaining that remain open.

On facebook, I saw pictures of people. People getting new tattoos, people getting together in large groups, people going about life as normal. Meanwhile, I’m like “Should I wash my hair today? How many days left until I have to see people?” I’m all about bubble baths, but washing my hair is a whole ordeal.

It’s been raining here for the last week. I think one day was nice but the rest were cold and rainy. Not even the awesome stormy weather. Just blah weather.

On a good note, my lavender is sprouting.

On a bad note, I’ll get to enjoy beautiful lavender as I’m starving because my edible crops are water logged. (Kidding, but not about the water logged part.)

In my last journals, I talked about climate change. I’m an advocate of that, too. The science is there. The proof. Yet, still too many people believe it doesn’t exist. They believe that humans play no part in the change of our earth. Yes, climate change happens naturally. There’s proof of that, too. That was never the question, though. Never the argument.

I’m not trying to preach. You can believe whatever you like and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. I’m just asking you to see more than your political status and personal beliefs. Just entertain the notion that humanity has a negative impact on our world. If COVID-19 has any positives, it’s that we’re seeing proof of it.

And seeing proof that if we can change our ways, the earth will let us.

COVID-19 is a wake up call. And we can do better. We have to do better.

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