Day six: A State-Wide Shut Down Journal

“You remember the corona virus wasn’t there but now it is? Why is it happening now?”

It was a little shocking to hear my four year old speak the name of the virus. He asked why they call it the corona virus and I told him it was the shape of a crown under a microscope. I had no answer to why it was happening now. These things just happen.

We were playing with his legos when he paused to ask me about COVID-19. I had him repeat the question because it took me off guard. My son is at the age where he is a sponge. He absorbs information quickly, and processes it more quickly. I knew he understood a little about what was going on, but still…it took me by surprise.

A lot of people don’t understand the big deal about COVID-19. They think it’s some big conspiracy. I’m not saying they are wrong. It’s too soon to tell if this is a political move or just a pandemic. People keep comparing it to the seasonal flu. We have a lot of data about the flu. We know how many people it kills. They say COVID-19 kills less. The truth is, the pandemic has just started, so how can we compare it?

I don’t believe what people say. I take into consideration what people say, but I do my own research. I look at the numbers, the factors. Timelines. I compare data. Going to school for writing hasn’t taught me much in the writing aspect (that’s all self-taught), but it has taught me a bunch more about other subjects. Science is one of them. I know how to question topics and how to find out answers. I know where to look and how to critical think. I know news agencies aren’t what we should be quoting.

Going back to seasonal flu and how much we know with that. We know there is a pattern. We know when it gets warmer outside, the spread lessens. We spend less times in doors. We spend less time closer to people. Higher temps and humidity cause quicker decay with some viruses. It’s hard to know for sure why viruses do this. There are a number of theories and factors scientists look at when studying them. The human body, the temperature, the altitude, seasonality, just to name a few.

We aren’t seeing a similar pattern with COVID-19. It’s in hot and cold places alike. It’s in South America and Canada during winter months. Dr. Anthony Fauci testified in Congress on the 11th of March that COVID-19 is deadlier than the flu. It is said that the flu kills one in a thousand people, and COVID-19 kills one in ten.

It’s easy to look at these numbers and not be alarmed. They are just numbers to many, but to one in ten people, they are a name. A family member. A friend. They are a life. Any number of deaths for any virus or disease is too many.

Pa cases shot up by another hundred on day six. We’ve been under shut down for nearly a week now, but the numbers are rising. This is to be expected. It’s only been a week and we’re testing more now. I don’t see the numbers curbing in the next week. I think it’ll take more time. I’m not happy about being out of work for longer, but I think it’s necessary to protect those we love.

My son and I spent a couple hours building Lego battle ships and then playing Lego Jurassic World. We attempted to watch the first Jurassic Park, but it was a bit more gory than I remembered. He enjoyed the parts I allowed him to watch.

I finally did some reverse drafting on my Kit novel. I’ve been so overwhelmed with it that I didn’t know where to start. I have about 30 k more words to write to reach my goal, but I thought it was pointless to look at that number. What I need to do is look at the plots to see where the gaps were. Whatever they add to once written is what’s important.

I also made a second batch of hand sanitizer.

Keep safe, you guys.

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