The Symbols of my Jottings

Below of samples of a few work in progresses I have going. Provided are blurbs to give you a feel for what you’re about to read. None are published yet, but feel free to read and let me know what you think. They are no more than a single chapter or scene. Teasers, one may say.

Note: These are not the book covers.


Urban Fantasy

Two years have passed since Kit, a young shape-shifter, found herself free of the werewolf who confined her since childhood. Though it was a wolf who terrorized her, she found safety with another pack. When the leader of the American packs demands she lends her skills in the Peace Accords, the fragile peace treaty between the humans and the werewolves, Kit is put into a cat and mouse game when the Accords go horribly wrong—on national television. Her once-captor offers the rest of the werewolves a trade. Give him Kit, or the recently ended bloody war could end the werewolves once and for all.
Kit must figure out how to navigate the terms of her freedom while keeping those she cares for from the brink of another war.

Last Call

Science Fiction

Jasper hates the Officials, the international law keepers. He hates the mutants and their cannibal cousins, the Rotters, even more. With a high price on his head, Jasper makes his living pirating. Born in the domed cities under the Officials, Jasper acquired the means to protect himself and out smart the law keepers at every turn. When Daniella and Isabel join the crew, he is starting to see a future for himself.

Daniella found a purpose in bringing people the truth, even if she herself has a deadly secret. Armed with her Cam-Com, she traveled the climate ravaged world to record the lives of people. With the pirate crew she’s come to call family, she has found a place she belongs.

Until she uncovers a coded message and a secret the Officials are killing to hide. Humanity is dying off—and there is a way to save them. With the mutated army of Rotters on their heels, Daniella and her crew race across what’s left of the world to answer the call.


Urban Fantasy

Kaira Patryk has tried hard to be normal, but she knows the things that go bump in the night are real. She’s done everything in her power to stay off their radar, but when her reoccurring nightmare proves to be real, she is forced to reveal herself and ask for help from the local Werecat Pride. With newly acquired abilities brought on by an attack, her new allies realize she is the lost child of the Drite Bloodline. Aligned with powerful friends, Kaira embarks on a journey to reclaim her birth right—and stop an ancient evil from swallowing the world in blood.